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Hong Kong

(February 17, 2009)



(February 29, 2012)

Please let me join the Duncan!


(February 29, 2012)

Please let me take part in the Duncan!


(February 29, 2012)

I hope the yo-yo players in the Duncan can allow me to join the Duncan, please! I will be very happy if I can join the Duncanï¼ I think you need to have a lot of thought!


(February 29, 2012)

I am come from changzhou and I have play yo-yo for many years.I hope I can join the Duncan! Please!


(February 29, 2012)

I am come from changzhou and I have play yo-yo for many years.I hope I can join the Duncan! Please!


(February 29, 2012)

ææ¯ä¸åæ¥èªå¸¸å·çæ å®¢ï¼èæ对duncanå´æ©æè³é»ï¼æ对你们ä¹é½å¾å´æï¼å¸æ你们è½èè让æå å¥Duncanï¼ææ你们äºï¼


(May 7, 2009)

Good times! I almost gave up on checking this site, though. Good thing I didn't. :)
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First off you will notice that the photos from Hong Kong are all nice and professional. Red joined us! Yay!

But really who cares, Hong Kong!

We flew from Hungary, back to Germany, to here. By the time I got off of the plane I was not in good shape and eventually developed a cough when it seemed like a good idea to "Power through". I am never doing that again. I will take naps as seen fit after all flights that cross 8 freakin' time zones.

We flew in to HK and the guys were waiting for us. Sorry I did not have a camera out... again, sick, hating life, shaking fist at Luftansa, etc. But the point is that we hoped on a bus and rode in to town. We were on highways the whole way and I was checking out rows of these tall tower like apartment buildings. Just jutting straight up in to the sky relatively silent and still. Then the bus takes an exit down from the elevated highway down to street level. It really was like being on a boat seeing the rolling uniform blue ocean waves and then jumping in the water and seeing all of the coral reef and fishes and mayhem right below you. There was a line at about the 3 -story mark where everything began. Hong Kong is like the movie Blade Runner, with good weather and sunshine.

The odd highlight though of this space-aged city of the future from the country that will soon be our overlords is the bathrooms in the micro-hotel. It's a micro-hotel because the rooms are small... real small. We have 2 rooms for 3 of us and since I am the odd man, all of the gear and as much luggage as they can art with, is in my room, because there is that little space. Don't believe me check out this:

That's bathroom. Notice anything? There's a freakin' shower over the sink. They put the sink and toilet in the shower basically. This sounds kind of silly but after a few days, I have to admit I'm totally down with this and if I owned my own place I would do it to my bathroom. It is so easy.

Here is everyone. Top row, from the left: Simpson, Fred, Chuck, Ron, Red, Bottom row, from the left, Fajar, Takeshi and me. Andy was taking the picture I guess. That is 4 countries worth of Duncan crew representing!

If you've been reading along you know that Takeshi and I are US, Red is Brazil and we are in Hong Kong. That leaves Singapore; number 4. Fajar flew out from Singapore to catch the contest, hang out and all that.

Here Fajar and friend-of-the-Crew, Li Kin Lok ( I hope I spelled that right), work a handrail outside of one of the 5 million shopping mall / business complexes that exist here.

There is much off-string mayhem when Fajar is about. Fred shows off some other results.

All of these guys a great, but I have to say that I love Fred's style the most... pretty much of everyone I can think of right now... all over the world. He has this very cool, chill way he plays. His tricks are solid and look like they should be easy but you know they aren't. I'm going to study the footage we have of him... if I ever get through all of this and back to trying to be good at yo-yoing.

Beyond raining down Hyabusas on the city, we shot video. Much video.

Here we're making Simpson look like a movie star on streets of HK. He didn't need our help though, the guy is larger than life. He's a cartoon of himself. If he runs those crazy Manga lines appear behind him. Here's him on stage at the Victoria Harbor Yo-yo Contest:

The contest was pretty impressive. They acted like it was just another local contest but yet it was a production that rivaled any of the major contest we put on in the states. I guess they do everything bigger there. Here are the faithful organizers, Gary and Ron, busting-butt (and Fajar trying to distract them):

Chuck ran the contest. It was funny to talk to people about Chuck because everyone said the same thing: "Chuck is the handsome one." He is a really nice guy, very fun and cool, but if we were in an Eighties movie he'd be the popular kid who makes all us yoyo guys feel like geeks.

He, Gary and Li did bring their hot girlfriends to the contest to help out-- yeah, that's right, I said you had hot girlfriends, what're you gonna do about it? But in the end the real pimp of the tip turned out to be Ron. Ron is the point man for the crew and one of the men behind the club "Here We Yo". He has those "smart guy" glasses and boyish good looks that make you think he's just a sweet guy. But when we all went out for dinner our last night in town Ron didn't sit with us. Nooooooo...

But I can't be mad at him. Everyone in HK was great but I would've ditched me for dinner with a bunch of chicks.

One last human to mention real quick is this guy: Luo Jianbin. He puts on the mainland National Contest but I remember him as the guy who got me a wife or in trouble (depending on how you look at it) in KL at AP years back (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about)

And there was a skate park to hang out at.

and photos to be taken (Red's such a pro)

The whole gang:

That dude in the front is a friend of the guys and a pro skater... and an amazing kandama player.

Then we left the fun

Said good bye to the gang:

And headed to Macau.


If Hong Kong is LA, Macau is Vegas.

But most importantly, I now know where the ugliest casino in the world is.

And if you don't' believe me I leave you with this picture of the lobby:

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